come & worship with us!

Whether or not you consider yourself a Christian, a follower of another tradition, generally nonreligious, or someone who is looking for answers to life's difficult questions, we welcome you to come experience our community and explore the claims of Christianity as we gather together to worship God. Perhaps you have never been to church—or not in a long time—and fear that you won't know what to do, how to act, or what to say. Be assured, Cornerstone is dedicated to providing a welcoming environment that makes it easy for you to participate with us when you visit.

SERVICES: Our weekly public worship services are at:  

9:30 AM (service length 70 minutes, including communion)  

ARRIVING: When you arrive, one of our greeters will hand you a bulletin and help to answer any questions you might have. The bulletin contains the layout for the service and summary of our newsletter. If you have any questions about the elements of the service, please don't hesitate to ask.

WHAT TO WEAR: Please wear whatever you are comfortable wearing. We have some folks who like to wear their “Sunday best”, and we have others who would never think of coming to church in anything but jeans and a t-shirt.

FAMILIES: Our church is passionate about serving families and enabling them to thrive. We value the role of kids as a central part of our community and desire to create an environment where they feel known, loved, and respected.

Children of all ages are warmly welcomed to our entire service -- we like a little noise. 

NURSING MOMS' ROOM: This room quietly streams the worship service so that mothers can tend to their infants in a comfortable setting. Located to the left of the sanctuary entrance - Room 201.

FAMILY ROOMS: We love children and sometimes it is difficult for active children to stay in a worship service. Our Family Rooms are available so that parents can give their child more freedom while watching the worship service that is being live-streamed. Located to the right of the sanctuary entrance - Rooms 202 & 203 (only available during the 9:00 AM service). 

NURSERY & KIDS' PROGRAMS:  We also offer a safe place for kids to be together during the service. Our intention is to draw kids into an engaging and enjoyable encounter with the good news of the Gospel using language that is familiar to them. 

0-2 year olds: This nursery is open during both worship services. The little ones are free to play, sleep, cuddle, and laugh with caring attendants. You will be contacted via text message if needed. These rooms are located in our children’s wing. 

2-4 year olds: At 9:00 AM children will enjoy a supervised play time. At 11:00 AM children will experience a lesson though stories, sons, games, pretend play and discussion. These rooms are located in our children's wings.

5-8 years olds: At 11:00 AM Children will learn and discover the good news of Jesus in a language and style more suitable to them. Through hands-on activities, music, and discussion, we encourage them to learn to ask good questions as they discover who they are and who God is. These rooms are located in our children’s wing. 

KIDS' SAFETY:  We take the safety of our children very seriously at Cornerstone. Therefore, all of our nursery, children, and youth workers are trained volunteers who have been screened and have had background checks to help ensure a safe environment for your children. 


Whether you are one of the many people in our culture and congregation processing skepticism and doubt about Christianity or a seasoned believer trying to grow and better understand your faith, we welcome your questions. If it is true, as we believe, that the God of the Bible is the all-powerful creator and sustainer of all things, then we should not be afraid to ask or answer any question. 

Therefore, we are dedicated to creating a safe environment providing honest answers to any and all honest questions concerning faith, life, and God. If you have any questions about our community, services, or about what it means to be a Christian, we welcome you to visit or contact us.