We are called to make Jesus known locally and globally. In Southern Maryland, we partner with local ministries that make known the love of Jesus. Across our state and country, we support church-planters and campus ministers. Across the world, we minister to those outside our borders, through short-term trips, internships, and partnership with our missionaries.

Missionary of the Month

Esrael Seyum

How you can be praying for him this month:

1.  The Lord spared my life from a major accident on May 23 and I am praising God for keeping me! Thank you, Jesus, for your mercies.  I am standing by the grace of God.
2.  Our kids are doing well and Ruth is a healthy 5 months old baby!  Jill and I are constantly learning to trust God and asking him for guidance as we raise Jonah (7), Lydia (4), and Ruth.
3.  This year has been a major turn for our campuses where we have seen more students get engaged in campus ministries and more students deciding to follow Jesus.  Praise God!
4.  We have hired a new staff at University of Maryland and that campus is now fully staffed.  We have been praying for this for the last four years. Praise God!

Our current campuses:
1.  Pray for God’s wisdom as I lead our area (10 staff, 8 volunteers) in continuing to be Christ-centered in our approach and strategy to ministry.
2.  Pray for God to raise up Godly student leaders who are willing to go and tell their friends about Jesus.
3.  Pray for God to raise up more small group leaders so that we can plant Bible studies in all the dorms and academic buildings on campus.
4.  Pray for God to sustain and care for our staff this summer as they reflect on the work that God has done and start to prepare for the Fall.
5.  Pray for God to raise up one more staff at College of Southern Maryland to come alongside Lindsay.

Family Needs:
1.  Due to the accident, our car is totaled. And four days later, our only working minivan (2006 Sienna) died and had to get worked on. We are praying for God to help us get the
funds we need to buy a replacement minivan for our family. Please pray for God to provide us with the funds for it. And God willing a reliable car for me as the Sienna is coming to its end soon
New Chapter at the Naval Academy
1.  Please pray as I partner with USNA to plant an InterVarsity chapter at the Naval Academy.
  -  Pray for our summer outreach with over 500 freshmen (Plebes). We have been tasked to run a large group on Friday evenings in the month of July at the academy.
  -  Pray for God to raise Godly midshipmen who fear God and worship Him.

Ministry Needs:
1.  I am projected to finish $19,000 in the red for this fiscal year. Please pray for God to raise the necessary funds in the new few weeks before the June 30 budget deadline.
  -  Pray for current ministry partners to do one-time increases.
  -  Or new ministry partners who will join my team financially.
  -  We are trusting God will make a way. Please pray with us.
2.  Pray for the next fiscal years budget. As my roles increase, my next years budget is projected to go up by another $10,000.  Pray for God to make a way to raise up new partners who can help me bridge this gap.

My Special Treasure (MST)

MST is a Christian all-girls orphanage for ages 6-22.
Missionaries, Julio & Jemima Galindo, serve MST Girls and Alumni.
Learn about MST and our Guatemalan Missionaries. 

If you would like to learn more about our missionaries, you can email our
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