serving the world

The church does not exist for itself, but for the benefit of those outside itself.


Cornerstone strives to perform redeeming activities in our local community and around the world...

           ... as God's ambassadors of reconciliation in a broken and hurting world...

                                                                                                   ...where Jesus is already making all things new.

Whether we are supporting missionaries around the world, orphans in Guatemala, or those struggling in our own community, we recognize that people change through relationships, and therefore our ministries must be based on relationships, NOT just giving and transactions. (Watch Video below. film )

Based on the biblical principles described so well in the book When Helping Hurts

Cornerstone seeks to empower people through their own God-given gifts and skills. 

Scroll down to learn more about how Cornerstone is serving and God is redeeming different areas of the world.

Pray For Esrael seyum


  • Praise God for his faithfulness in these hard seasons. Praise God for many ministry partners including CPC for their on going prayers and support.
  • We hired two new staff, Lindsay Davis serving at CSM and Matt Talley at UMD Greek chapter. Praise God for answering our prayers in providing new staff. 
  • Praise God for two students who came to faith this last month at University of Maryland. 

Please pray for:

  • More students to come to Jesus in this season.
  • Creativity and boldness for our staff and students to proclaim God’s good news in digital spaces. 
  • Our upcoming week of fasting. Please join us as we spend Holy Week (last week in March) praying and fasting from food, technology, entertainment, and instead turn our gaze back to God. We will all turn off our screens and turn our eyes to God. All students across DC and Maryland will be participating in this week of fast. This timeline would be a year since pandemic started to have a major impact in our ministry when schools shut down on-campus learning. This time around we want to cry out to God for guidance and mercy. We are extending this invitation to all that support our ministry including the Cornerstone community.  
  • God to bring a swift end to the pandemic, and we can start seeing students face to face in the Fall. 
  • Our staff, as we prepare to start leadership selection for the fall. 
  • God to raise up two additional staff in this upcoming season for fill in for our unstaffed chapters at UMD and Georgetown University. 
  • Our continual commitment to growing our ministry through small group Bible studies.  
  • God to use InterVarsity to infiltrate our campuses for His kingdom. 
  • Our funding.  As the pandemic lingers longer and longer, some of our staff are starting to feel the impact of it in their funding.  The economic strain on many people is going to have impact in our ministry.  We are still trusting God will continue to make a way.  
  • Our family as Jill and I continue to navigate caring for our children and one another in this pandemic season. Pray for wisdom and guidance in our efforts to honor God with our time and resources. 


Cornerstone Supported Missionaries

  • Richard RamsAy

    (Hispanic ministries)

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  • roberta brown


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  • ...

    (muslim countries)

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  • cheryl crocker

    (medical missions)

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  • Esrael Seyum

    (St mary's college)

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  • chris garriott

    (University of maryland)

    Type content here...

  • Tom & Karen Mirabella (Chiba, Japan)

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  • Cyril & Jenell Chavis

    (Howard U.)

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  • Danny & Aubrey Edwards-Luce (Port Towns)

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mission trips

Each year, we send out teams of "short-term missionaries" from our own congregation to share God's love and good news.

Guatemala & Port Towns.

Where ever these teams go, they all have some common goals:

  • Help people understand the Good News Gospel that there is a God who is for us, and can be known.
  • Interact with people in a way that builds relationships and helps them heal and grow
  • Support a local church, so there can be follow up relationships that are long term

guatemala: "My special treasure" orphanage

Cornerstone has been working with the same orphanage in Guatemala for over 10 years. Through sponsorship, mission trips, and other special projects the My Special Treasure ministry team is continuing to develop our relationship with the special girls and incredible leaders at this orphanage.