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Paul & Cheryl

Paul and Cheryl live in Hollywood and have attended Cornerstone for 8 years. Married for 25 years, they are on the cusp of being empty nesters as their three children are in various stages of college. Paul and Cheryl are passionate about Godly marriages and family relationships. They are especially excited about doing ministry together!

Keith and Jen

Keith and Jen moved to Southern Maryland from Pennsylvania in 2003, when Keith’s job brought them to Pax River. They have been members of Cornerstone since first moving to MD.  They live in Town Creek, and are looking forward to opening their home to a life group.  We will be meeting on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.  This group will not offer childcare.

Gerry and Karen

In case you’re wondering how much of an Ohio State football fan Gerry is, he didn’t just watched them play, he played for them! Gerry and Karen have been with Cornerstone through thick and thin. They’ve been in SoMD since 1989 and happily married for 31 years, they love watching the Washington Nationals Baseball team and still waiting for the glorious day when they’ll bring home a championship.
We meet Wednesday evenings from 7-8:30 pm at Paul's house in Asbury, Solomons, MD. Come get to know Gerry and Karen as they seek to study and apply God’s word throughout the week!

Bruce and Linda

Bruce and Linda were married in 1974 and have five adult children and sixteen grandchildren.
They have been members at Cornerstone for seven years and are both active on the missions committee. They are passionate about missions and discipleship, so much so that they once sold everything they had just so that they could share the gospel in Korea. You MUST hear their story!
Bruce is an Elder and has lead the Leonard’s Grant small group with Chad for five of the past six years. Join their Life Group which meets on Wednesday nights from 7pm to 8:30pm. This Life Group will focus on Christ-centered living, missions, relationship building, family, fun, and discipleship. Children are welcome.

Josh and Risa

Josh and Risa have three children and have been members of Cornerstone for 14 years. Josh is a test pilot instructor and Risa is a stay-at-home mother, homeschooling two of their children. They enjoy camping, board gaming, crafting, and learning new things. Their Life Group meets on Thursday nights from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at their home in Wildewood. Children of all ages are welcome to come (age-appropriate movies/toys/games are provided to enjoy). The sermon topic will be a guide for discussion and the focus will be on fellowship and Christ-centered living.

David and Fiona

David and Fiona Randle met in Kuwait City and married in 1998.  At Trunk or Treat, they are the proud holders of the Most Biblically Questionable award as the unicorns who missed Noah’s Ark.  Their son Luke is a senior at Liberty University.
David grew up in Montville, NJ in a non-religious home, and came to Christ in 1984.  David is a retired Navy Captain who is now the lead NJROTC teacher at Great Mills.  He moved with the Navy to Virginia, California, Kuwait, and Washington state before southern Maryland.  David has attended church with a wide variety of denominations.
Fiona grew up in Lymington, Hampshire UK in a non-religious home.  She came to Christ in 1977 and has spent most of her Christian life in culturally diverse churches.  Fiona taught PE and elementary school, mostly in Kuwait.  She served as a full time missionary for 3 years with Operation Mobilisation on the mission ship Logos.
The Randles home group does not have childcare.  They have two Miniature Schnauzers which do not shed at all.  Contact us to learn more and come join us!

Chris and Christy

Chris and Christy's family is a military family recently retired from the US Air Force. We enjoy hiking, skiing, reading, flying and have a Lego Master Builder among them. Above all, Chris and Christy love Christ, why else would their names have the same root?! Should you choose to join this group, you might receive deep love and consistent care, so this group is not for the shallow of heart! This Life Group meets at their residence Thursday evenings and will be studying the book of Galatians and kids of all ages are welcome!

Torry, Hanna, Stu, and Mandy

Torry & Hanna and Stu & Mandy are teaming up to host a life group! We have experienced the sweetness of Christian community over the last several years in this group. We come from a range of perspectives - Torry is a professor at a local college, Hanna is a PA at a local practice, Stu is an engineer, and Mandy is a mechanic. Come join us no matter what circumstances have brought you to the area! We plan to meet each week to enjoy community and discuss the latest sermon in greater depth.  Life Group is from 6-7:30 PM in Callaway at Torry and Hanna's home. Children are welcome, and we plan to rotate among the adults to provide childcare.
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