Come Connect!

At Cornerstone, we strive to help children know Jesus and grow in their understanding of God’s character, faithfulness, and redemptive love. Our Kidz Connect programs provide several platforms for children to connect with God, their peers, the church body, and the world at large.

Our Values as a Children's Ministry

GOSPEL-CENTERED: The Gospel teaches that real change happens from the inside-out, not from the outside-in. For that reason, we strive to shepherd the hearts of our children and not merely manage their behavior.  Only Jesus can satisfy the deepest longings of our hearts.
FAMILY-NURTURED: Scripture teaches that parents are the primary teachers of their children. (Deut. 6:4-9). At Cornerstone, we seek to partner with parents by providing resources and classes for children and parents so all may grow in the love and knowledge of Christ.
COMMUNITY-BASED: We seek to make the growth of our children a responsibility that is shared by all who are part of our corporate body.   Our desire is that children be integrated into the body so they may be prepared to become healthy church members.  
OTHERS-ORIENTED: We believe that the Gospel transforms our children so they may become other-centered givers, rather than takers and consumers. Starting from an early age, we seek to help children identify and use their spiritual gifts so they can engage their world through word and deed.