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God influences the world through his people. He gives to us so He can give through us. The Bible tells us that everything we have is a gift from God (1 Chronicles 29:14). As you give both faithfully and willingly, the world is changed for the glory of God: the gospel is preached, lives are touched, people are fed, bodies are healed, churches are built; and you, in turn, are blessed by God so that you can give again.

Everything you donate will be completely used to further what God is currently doing through our ministry locally and around the world. If you have any questions about our how we use your gifts or what is tax-deductible, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

Scroll down to see some examples of our local ministry work.

Community Outreach:

helping people develop & thrive

Thanks to your generous donations, we have been able to start multiple programs that help people from lower-resourced neighborhoods develop their God-given skills and gifts so they can improve their own lives, and the community around them.  

  • Our Job-Skills Training program, called "Work Life of SoMD", is transforming lives as we help those who are unemployed / underemployed learn critical soft-skills of good employees, and to understand how they are made in God's image to work and flourish.  The goal is to see our participants get, keep, and excel at good living wage jobs!  This is a multi-church program with many community partners (churches, non-profits, and government).  
  • Our Financial Literacy Training program, called "MoneyShip", has helped many learn basic money management skills, and given one graduate the confidence to start her own business!
  • "Life Savers" is our matched savings program designed to encourage participants to SAVE money towards a developmental savings goal.  
  • Our "Asset-Based Community Development" (ABCD) team is developing relationships in a local neighborhood and seeing leaders emerge and grow in their ability to lead and affect change in their neighborhood.  Below are some pictures from one of our community gatherings.  

Please continue to support these ministries through your gifts, encouragement, and prayer.

Give to our "Good Samaritan" fund.