facility request

To reserve rooms and/or equipment/supplies, please perform the 4 steps listed below:

  • know the Conditions and Responsibilities

    Click the # 1 icon to download and read the Conditions and Responsibilities.  Print out, read it, agree with it, sign, and turn in to the Facility Manager in order to get access.  

  • select your room(s)

    Click the # 2 icon to look at the Facility Floor Plan with room numbers, and select your room(s). 

  • check the calendar

    Click the # 3 to view the church calendar to ensure your room(s) are not already in use.

  • submit your request

    Click the # 4 to get a form to pop up that allows you to fill in your request info.   

    OR Click here to request the Gym only.  


  1. It is your responsibility to ensure that your event gets scheduled after you request it. Do this by checking the calendar - until it is listed on the calendar, it is NOT reserved.  
  2. Remember that this request or even approval of your request is not a 100% guarantee that your activity will not have to be moved or cancelled. As other requests are submitted, decisions will be made according to priorities and other factors. All measures will be taken to avoid moving or cancelling events, so please temper your expectations as we attempt to maximize usage of the facility and maximize helping people to develop their relationship with God.