Latest MST news

MST is in the midst of lockdown from the COVID-19 virus. The five teachers, the psychologist / transition home mentor, and the social worker were sent home due to government travel regulations leaving Carol, Vanesa, and Luis as the only caregivers for the MST girls. In addition, MST is experiencing a huge challenge with their property. A year ago, the Guatemalan government built a highway bypass behind the MST property.  The excavation left the MST compound sitting on a 300 ft. cliff overlooking the highway.  Unfortunately, the cliff is structurally unsound and erosion has caused three landslides following heavy rains.  There is a good probability a portion of the MST compound will fall into the road.  In addition, the road construction destroyed the MST well and they have no water supply!
There has been much prayer and discussion between the MST ministry team members and the leadership of MST how to navigate the above challenges. Please pray for God’s wisdom to open up doors for the possibility of a new property, a new architectural solution to remain on the MST property, a new well, and for peace during these tumultuous times.