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Recovery and Redirection (Jan-March 2023)

The MST Ministry Year from July 2022 to June 2023 mirrors the world after a pandemic. The ministry work developed during this time can succinctly be summarized as Recovery and Redirection.

As the Guatemalan government and programs re-open, there is a new direction and generalized focus to re-integrate children with their family of origin or foster care families versus the previous model of long term placement in private orphanages and public institutions.

As the government implements this shift, ministry work surrounding these populations need to adjust. There is a noticeable impact on MST home and its ministry direction. Specifically, MST’s ministry is slowly shifting to a more temporary placement model versus long term placement model. A meeting during the January 2023 Mission Trip with MST and Cornerstone leadership confirmed this evolution. Simultaneously, the CPC MST ministry team began to recognize the need to develop new programs to aid with recovery and redirection.

First, the Cornerstone team designed a Job Skills Wellness Program (JSWP) to help young adults in the Transition Program and Alum program be able to be marketable for at least a minimum wage job.
Then the first fully funded Mission Team since the pandemic was sent to Guatemala in January 2023 to evaluate the changes at the MST home and Transition Home firsthand.
Next, Cornerstone MST ministry leadership re-designed the MST ministry with 3 main focal groups: MST temporary girls; Transition Home young adults; and the ever growing group of young women leaving MST that Cornerstone is committed to continue discipling -the Alums.

A “Redirection” Program vision over the next 1-3 years evolved as follows:
  1. For the MST girls in temporary placement (6 girls as of 3/23)
    All Hands on Deck Gospel Approach in all activities and events Cornerstone initiates for the short period of time God allows us to disciple with the girls.
  2. For the Transition Home young adults (7 young women as of 3/23)
    A new initiative to prepare and launch all 7 women out of the Transition Home program to eventually close this program and redirect our discipleship efforts to groups 1 and 3.
  3. For the growing population of young women leaving MST (18 young women as of 3/23 that will increase to 25 when the Transition Home Launch completes)
    Instituting Job Skills and Advanced Education programs to initiate a progressive development plan for financial independence and ownership of faith versus emergency reactions to continuous crises using When Helping Hurts program principles.

Finally, in February 2023 CPC MST ministry team launched the first Advanced Education program to enroll 3 students in a 3-5 year college program.
Please pray for these students as they break cycles of oppression and open new doors for young adults leaving orphanages in Guatemala.

Old News

Highway Bypass Update (Nov 2022)
Praise God that due to local pressure, the excavation company was required to reinforce the wall along the highway bypass at the edge of the MST property! This should reduce the risk of a landslide and make the MST property safer to live on.
On the downside, the bypass and landslides forced MST to pull their property line further in which cut away much of the land that used to be a large soccer field.
Highway Bypass Update (2021)
MST has been experiencing a huge challenge with their property. In January 2020, the Guatemalan government built a highway bypass behind the MST property.  The excavation left the MST compound sitting on a 300 ft. cliff overlooking the highway.  Unfortunately, the cliff is structurally unsound and erosion has caused three landslides following heavy rains.  There is a good probability a portion of the MST compound will fall into the road.  In addition, the road construction destroyed the MST water well and they have no water supply!
There has been much prayer and discussion between the MST ministry team members and the leadership of MST how to navigate the above challenges. Please pray for God’s wisdom to open up doors for the possibility of a new property; a new architectural solution to remain on the MST property; a new well; and for peace during these tumultuous times.
COVID Update (2021)
MST is in the midst of lockdown from the COVID-19 virus. The five teachers, the psychologist / transition home mentor, and the social worker were sent home due to government travel regulations leaving Carol, Vanesa, and Luis as the only caregivers for the MST girls.