Missionaries of the Month

Roberta Brown

1. Pray that God would give me strength and stamina to teach my increased English class workload.
2. Pray for our English students that they would know the one true creator God of the Bible who died for them.
3. Pray that I would have God’s love for all the English students I teach and that they would see Christ in me. 

Rev. & Mrs. Tom & Karen Mirabella

1. Please pray for our school, CCSI. We are working to clarify and simplify the vision of the school under the constraints of our current resources, recognizing a need for change in order to become a healthy sustainable place.
2. Please pray for new outreach activities the team is beginning in Kisarazu in hopes of a future church plant. We have begun English and Japanese conversation classes in Kisarazu. We are praying to add a team member or members to focus on Kisarazu church planting.
3. Pray for our kids – Kylie is moving to St. Louis to begin a graduate internship in counselling, Josiah is applying to a language school in Japan, AJ is spending the summer in Thailand as an intern with an MTW team, Matthias and Leighton are adjusting back to life in Japan.