serving Southern maryland

The church does not exist for itself, but for the benefit of those outside itself. 


Cornerstone strives to perform redeeming activities in our local community and around the world... 

           ... as God's ambassadors of reconciliation in a broken and hurting world... 

                                                          ...where Jesus is already making all things new. 

Whether we are supporting missionaries around the world, orphans in Guatemala, or those struggling in our own community, we recognize that people change through relationships, and therefore our ministries must be based on relationships, NOT just giving and transactions. (Watch Video ) 

Based on the biblical principles described so well in the book When Helping Hurts

Cornerstone seeks to empower people through their own God-given gifts and skills.  

Scroll down to learn more about how Cornerstone is serving and God is redeeming Southern Maryland.  

adoption & foster care support

Adoption and Foster Care is life changing.  

We have a team to support anyone who is doing this or considering doing it.

  • Praying regularly, intentionally
  • Providing practical support and help to families
  • Providing advice and resources from those that have experiences to share
  • Providing funding for adoption expenses

Being part of a ministry team that supports these is life changing, too.

Interested?  Questions?  

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