serving within cornerstone

God has made each of us with gifts and skills and abilities and passions.  

And we are all different!

But working together, we become a tapestry that is woven together that supports and upholds the healing and growth of everyone.   And we all grow more when we get to use our gifts, skills, and passions.

There are so many different ways to serve God within Cornerstone.  

Scan the list below and see if anything fits and piques your interest...

If you find something you are interested in or just want to ask questions, 

click here to contact Pastor Dae Kim >>

  • facility ministry team

    For those of you who like to work with your hands, and maybe like working behind the scenes, this is the place for you.  Landscaping, Interior Design, yard work, home renovation skills - put your skills and gifts to work on this team! 

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  • greeters, ushers, & security

    Being a greeter and/or usher is a great place to serve when you first come to Cornerstone - a way to get to know people and really make visitors feel welcomed. 

    We also have a Safety & Security Team to ensure Sundays and other events are... safe and secure!  We need sharp thinkers and sharp eyes - join us!  

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  • communications & information

    If you like writing, artwork, production, or anything related to communicating with people, this may be for you!  

    If you are technical and like computers, networks, internet, etc, this may also be for you! 

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  • event planning... & parties! 

    Whether you like the behind-the-scenes parts of event planning, or the being-the-life-of-the-party at events, we need you!  We like to celebrate life, and you could help us all to do that better.  

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  • teaching

    There are many opportunities for teaching at Cornerstone - at all age levels, and all sizes of groups.

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  • administration

    If you are good at organizing, you are a valuable person!  And there are MANY ministries and teams that could benefit from your gift - from scheduling Nursery workers, to measuring the effectiveness of our Outreach programs, and many others.  

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  • worship

    Are you musically talented?  Or maybe you have the technical skills or desires for the sound booth?  If so, there may be a place for you here!  

    Interested? Click here to contact Kristin Ashby, Music Director >>