ACT 1.8

Act 1.8 is a call to ENVISION God’s purpose for Cornerstone. 

It is a call to INVEST eternally in God’s kingdom. 

It is a call to ENGAGE God’s people as disciplemakers

in Southern Maryland and to the ends of the earth. 

It is a call to ACT in response to God’s grace.

Watch the video investment stories below...

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Please PRAY each day this month.  Click here for the ACT 1.8 Prayer Calendar.



God calls us to invest in His Kingdom. We must increasingly use our time, our talent and our treasure as investment tools in His Kingdom. Cornerstone's collective investment can be an agent for gospel health and growth in our community and far beyond. Our investment can equip both those who stay here in Southern Maryland and those who move away.

Watch the investment stories of Cornerstone members who share how committing to invest our resources in God’s purposes enable Him to use us, collectively and individually, in far greater ways than we imagine.

The investment you make today will see dividends as the good news of the gospel is spread, changing the lives of those who come after you, preparing them to be agents of kingdom renewal in our world!