How do you get to know a church?  ...and if you like it, how do you fit in?

Some people like to test the water very slowly with their little toe. 

Some like to jump in with both feet! 

We understand everyone's different for good reasons.  

So we've tried to give everyone some good options for learning who we are, and how they can fit it.  

We hope you will pick one or two of these... and find out the water is very nice.

  • get information

  • sunday mornings and

    Welcome clasS

    Sunday mornings are a great time to meet lots of people, get good teaching, hear a great message, and worship through music and word.  

    • Worship services at 9am and 10:30am.  DETAILS  >> 
    • The Welcome class at 9am discusses who we are, what we do, and why we do it.  DETAILS  >>
    • Free Gift for Visitors - be sure to get yours before you leave! 
  • informal gatherings

    Throughout the week, there are groups that get together in homes to encourage and support one another.  We call these Community Groups. DETAILS  >>

    Of course, if you ever want to talk to our pastors, they would be happy to talk with you and get you answers.  "Honest questions deserve honest answers."   

    Click to request a meeting with one of our pastors >>

  • activities and events

    You are welcome to come to the events and activities happening all the time at Cornerstone.  

    • Celebration Events throughout the year.  DETAILS  >>
    • Women's Weekly Gatherings - Wednesday morning and MOPS.  DETAILS  >>
    • Sports - Volleyball teams, Softball teams, and Friday night Basketball
    • Check out our Calendar for the full list!  CLICK HERE >>