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worship at the beach and annual pig roast picnic

Fall fest! 

Fall Fest is coming back to Cornerstone!  

Oct 31, 2017.

Always on Oct 31, we invite the entire Town Creek Neighborhood to join us for a super-fun time in a safe environment.

Trunk-or-Treating, a Bouncehouse, Carnival Games,

Sumo-Wrestling, Hot Dogs, Hot Cocoa... and who knows what else!

Come and have a blast! 

Hang tight while we prepare your form...

Write To Your Child

Writing to your child will brighten their day, provide hope, and demonstrate Christ’s unfailing love for them.

Letter Writing "Do's"

  • Write as often as you like!
  • Share your life – describe your hobbies, interests, activities, job, school, and family. 
  • Include pictures.
  • Tell them about your relationship with Christ.

Letter Writing "No No’s"

  • Do not make promises you can’t keep. 
  • Avoid conversations about possibly visiting, adopting, and money that could be misconstrued as a promise.
  • Do not share personal communication information for your privacy.
  • Do not share personal financial information.